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Parental Control

Keep watchful eyes on our children Digital activities. LRNPLAY - Parental Control features enable you to Manage, Monitor, and Control the children's Digital activities such as App Blocker, Time Management, Dashboard, and Tasks and have a Happy Digital Parenting!


Making Education fun again! LRNPLAY e-learning feature comprises of high-quality practice worksheets with increasing complexity to identify the strengths and the areas of improvement across subjects, topics, and the 3 important cognitive levels - Remember, Understand and Apply.


Learn to win, earn to redeem and avail gifts. Every point that children earn by solving the worksheets and stars they gain on completing the tasks will lead them to earn points, which children can redeem online and gift. So why the wait, gift your children the most valuable e-learning app.

Awesome app features

App Blocker

LRNPLAY App Blocker will help you manage, monitor, and control all the digital activities of the children and doesn't allow to install new apps without parent's approval.

Play Time

Play Time helps the parents to assign screen time to the children. It encourages the children to be more responsible and accountable for their actions

School Time

Parents may set the school Time schedules to limit the children's device usage during the School hours.

Bed Time

Parents may set the Bedtime schedule to limit the children's device usage during sleeping hours.


Parents can assign Tasks such as daily chores to enrich good habits and responsible behavior in children.

Call Log

Call Log feature displays incoming and outgoing call list and it also helps the parents to track all the deleted Call Logs.


SMS feature displays all the incoming and outgoing SMS messages with all the details. Parents can also monitor the children's deleted messages.


Dashboard specially designed for Parents to access a complete glimpse of all the activities of the children.


We provide unlimited Worksheets to develop the learning skills and excel in school. It also helps the children to build good analytical skills and learning habits.


Tests evaluates the conceptual understanding and provide immediate insight into the performance of the children in all the three cognitive levels across the various sub-topics.


Reports provide a snapshot of the children overall performance across subjects at three levels - Remember, Understand, and Apply.


Education is rewarding. Children can solve Worksheets and complete the assigned tasks to earn the points for a exciting gifts.

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